10 Reasons to Become a Professional Poker Player

Tom Dwan, Phil Galfond, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Phil Ivey – we all are aware of the names. We watch them play, empathize with them and – to tell the truth – envy their success in poker. However, everyone should remember that the poker legends managed to achieve such heights because they worked hard and dedicated their lives to poker. Every poker pro had his own reasons for becoming a professional player. It could have been a desire to become rich, a passion to compete or the dream of becoming famous. Surely, most of our readers will never become professional players; yet, anyone can find enough reasons for trying to achieve great things. Let us explain why.

Professional Poker Player

Working in Underpants

This is the main and most important reason to become a professional poker player. Almost everyone dreams about it, but only professional poker players can do it. Basically, you can start your working day in your underpants! Why not to come to your desk in pants painted in diamonds and hearts? Nobody would laugh at you! No chick would accuse you of sexual harassment. However, keep in mind that it is OK to do it only when you play poker online. Don’t even think about wearing only underpants when you are going to participate in live tournaments.

Boost Your Skills

Let’s assume that you are a good poker player with decent profits. You have enough knowledge and possess some skills. You are aware of the benefits of being a professional player. Therefore, if you decide to become a poker pro, you will be able to boost your skills. The reason is that poker becomes your work, and you make money playing, thus, you won’t have any problems with motivation to improve your game.


As soon as you become a pro you will have higher odds of winning a major tournament or achieving great results playing ring games. Having won a few MTTs, you will obtain a horde of loyal fans and maybe a contract with a sponsor site. Don’t underestimate this. Spend some of your time making new poker friends, providing beginners with useful tips and telling others about your poker career. Then you will get numerous benefits. For instance, you will easily find people who will let you stay at their apartments when you travel playing poker. You also won’t have any problems finding stakers or new friends.

Be Your Own Boss

It is always nice to go against the mainstream of life. Poker players don’t fit into regular standards. One of the main reasons for becoming a pro player is to have the opportunity to be your own boss. Surely, you will need to play a certain number of hands or tournaments to make money for living, but you will be able to choose the time and place to play poker. However, you might deplore the lack of gossip about your sexy boss lover, but you will never have to report in again. Meanwhile you are free to report to yourself!

Cool Setup and Tons of Loyalty Points

You’ve become a pro. Now it’s time to make sure that your working place is convenient and suitable to work. This means that you should have at least two 30-inch displays and an ergonomic leather office chair. You will be getting many VIP points playing thousands of hands. This means that you will have some extra money from rakeback and many bonuses. At the end of each month, couriers will bring you boxes with folded poker tables, king-sized bed sheets and iPods for all your friends and relatives.

Be a Part of the Community

Surely, you are going to grind alone, but you will become part of a gigantic community of online poker players. You might be frightened of this fact, but you will definitely enjoy it in the future. You will enjoy posting on forums and writing in blogs. You will join the party, laugh at poker jokes and understand poker slang. Therefore, you won’t be living like a hermit.


What does office work mean? The responsibilities of an office slave include filling in different forms, tons of paper work, sending e-mails, sales, negotiations, etc. None of these things will fill your blood with the adrenaline you could get playing poker. Pro poker players face challenges every month, every day and every hour. You will feel like a god after excellent poker sessions. You will also feel like a fool during painful downswings. This is the endless fight. You will always want to climb to the next level. Just make sure you’re staying alive!

Taking Full Responsibility

Your results in poker games depend only on you. Well, you might say that we are lying, especially if you think about live poker tournament players who face enormous variance. However, if you are going to become an online poker player, your play over the long term will produce fair results. The more and better you play, the more money you can win. You won’t need to be friends with the right people; you won’t have to follow corporate ethics. Your success depends fully on you.

Working From Home

Working from home has too many benefits to list them all. Let us just tell you that people working from home don’t tend to go back to offices. The main advantages are a comfortable commute to your workplace (usually just several meters from bed to PC) and free access to food and drinks (once again, just a few meters from PC to fridge). Don’t forget about the possibility of going to one of the tropical countries, where you can enjoy the sun and warm sea throughout the whole year. In addition, you will only need to beat micro limits to be rich. Do you think this is unreal? – C’mon, just try to guess where we are right now!

This Is Cool

Poker is cool. Poker players are also cool. It is extremely easy. When you meet your old friends again you can shock them with your career choice. We bet that no one else plays poker to make money for a living. You would have the most exciting and exotic story. Just proudly tell them, “I am a professional poker player.” Make sure to look at their faces. And get ready to answer several typical questions. Anyway, you will have the chance to earn more money this year than they can by the end of next year. You don’t even need to find a way to the heart of your fat manager. All you need is to be responsible and disciplined. Good luck!