Are ‘free bets’ really worth it?

If you’re active in the online gambling world at all, you’re very likely to have noticed the huge amount of free bets, bonuses and incentives that many of the casino and bingo sites offer up for people signing up to their sites. But the question that everyone is asking is, are they really worth it? Should you sign up to a certain site just to get a small amount of free play? Well, your questions are answered here.

To decide whether you should take advantage of one of these big casino bonuses, you should always first check a couple of things: do you recognise the name of the site? If you’ve seen plenty of ads for it on other reputable sites or on the television, it’s more likely to be a secure place. Security and safety is a major concern for online gamblers, since there may be large amounts of their money changing hands. The only way to know that your money is in safe hands is to use a reputable site. Also rely on user reviews online and word of mouth from friends.

free betsAlways use logic when signing up to these sites. Even if you’ve read user reviews and think you’ve heard of the name, remember that any of these things could be faked. If a site looks a little dodgy, or if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t jump on a site that offers you something for nothing. You will always have to sign up or deposit a certain amount to be matched in order to get something back.

But despite these warnings, free bets and offers can be worth something. Even if you are putting down a deposit for them to match, you’ll still be getting some free play. It gives you a chance to practise before setting down ‘real’ money. If you make sure that you know how to play you could end up winning more than you put down.

If you take all the risks into account, do your research and play sensibly, you’ll be in the best position to take advantage of a number of free bets, introductory offers and bonuses. Good luck!