Get Real – Poker Is For Everyone!

Are you feeling like you just can’t master the ins and outs of poker because you’re too old, or too young? Nonsense! Worried that as a woman you won’t be invited in because the guys don’t want to play with a girl? Nonsense! The reality of the here and now is that poker is for everyone, and eyesore who is interested in playing poker should play it. Now, I do caution that if your heart really isn’t into poker, if your mind isn’t really into poker, if you don’t want to put in the many long hours it takes to get good at poker, you need to think about doing something else. Truth hurts, baby.

Now then, those that are still left, let’s have a real conversation. If you ask me where to start in poker, I’m going to tell you the casino. There are some casinos that are well known for attracting fish, and other casinos that are well known for attracting sharks. You need to decide whether you want to go with the sharks or the fish, though you’ll get a good mix of both at every casino. Most casinos are also on a 24 hour clock, which means that people are literally online all of the time. There are people that really do play 16 to 18 hours straight of poker every single day, like it’s their job. But they’re making money, I supposed I can’t judge too hard. As far as it goes for you, you don’t have to play that much poker if you don’t want to. If you would rather just sit on the sidelines and watch other people lose their chips, you can definitely do that. Also, most casinos should have a free poker that you can turn to instead of burning through chips when you’re emotionally. If you still want the rush of playing against people, see if there’s a free poker option. See if there’s freerolls to check out.

playing poker
You have to peek into all of the options you have for good poker. Think it’s all about Texas Hold’Em? Not so fast — there’s Omaha Hi-Lo and Razz poker as well. There’s even Pai Gow Poker which is really a head turner if you can get the rules down. You just need to insist upon picking one and sticking with it for a while. Texas Hold-Em — the no limit kind — is really the best type to play when you really and honestly need to play with the widest crowd. This is the poker that’s displayed on television, so a lot of fish come in wanting to play it. By the way, I’m not trying to be mean to new players. I was once a new player, as was eve some of the top poker talents in the world. But the truth is that you have to ensure that you are thinking things through as a newbie. The stereotype of a newbie is one that doesn’t really calculate what they’re doing. They just plunge in without thinking too terribly much. If that’s the type of player that you want to be…more power to you. However, if you want to be a serious player, one that does things worth respect, then this is the time to get deeper into the game.

I think that you should play at the lowest stakes possible instead of moving up just because you have the funds. Managing your bankroll is more important than meets the eye. Some people find that they are so busy on the board, looking at the way the game is played, only to find that they really aren’t studying the number of chips that they have left. Being the shortest chip stack on the board has problems of its very own. For example, once other players see that you have the least amount of chips, they know that you’re going to protect them. This means that you’re going to be a pretty big target until you’re knocked out of the ring. For normal ring games, this isn’t a big deal — you can always go back into the room and play again. However, if you’re doing tournament play this can really make things complicated in a  quick hurry.

Be sure to take breaks from poker when things are getting hot. If you start treating poker like it’s your job, there are just going to be parts of the day that you want to devote to your life. That might mean that you need to think about doing something else. Slots are a nice break from poker. You still get to play for real money, but the pressure’s off. With slots, you pretty much know instantly whether you’ve won or not.

Be sure to invest in heads up displays and other pieces of software that let you gain more data about your games. In the world poker, data is truly everything. You can’t even go to the forums and ask for assistance without knowing more about the way you’re playing poker.

Yes, all of this information aside…poker is still for everyone. Just make sure that you get in the game smart. Go on casino review directories to check out reviews. Don’t hesitate to call someone out if you think that their review is fake, or that you have more questions. If you’re curious about a casino but you need help, open a support ticket to ask. This will be better for you than just assuming that every casino operates the same way. Once you have been led astray by mistake, you always see that mistake right behind your eyes, so to speak. It would be best to gather all of the relevant and necessary before getting too involved. Does the poker casino really matter that much? Absolutely! This is something that you must have without a doubt.

Take the time to get into the game and meet the community behind the game. Most forums are pretty busy, but most will be willing to talk to you as long as you’re open about what you’re trying to accomplish. In addition, you also want to show that you’re taking the advice given to you. Some players forget this part.

Well, that’s it — up next, I’ll go into poker tournaments a little bit more! In the meantime, take a look at some custom poker chips for your next poker game that you are going to host at your house.