Get Your Tournament On Big Time – WSOP Helps Celebrate New Jersey Milestone

Got time for a poker tournament? Even though tournaments come and go, this isn’t a tournament that you’ll want to miss. It’s the WSOP New Jersey Online Championships Tournament Series. This isn’t just any tournament series — it’s going to probably become one of THE tournaments to enter. That makes this so special is that it’s almost all freerolls! There are nine tournaments in the series. The biggest is going to be the $250,000 Online Championship Freeroll. As long as you played in at least one tournament in the series, you’re approved to enter.

All you have to do now is just make a minimum deposit from Dec. 10th to January 16th. That’s the last day to register. This is a huge win for the residents of New Jersey. Naturally, it bites that the tournament isn’t open to everyone around the country. However, this could be a blessing in disguise — you’ll be able to deal with a smaller field. If you get some onlookers and poker newbies, you’re in luck: you can use good poker strategy to beat them at the game itself.

poker tournament

A lot of new poker players end up seeing a poker tournament with a big prize pot, leading people to make decisions that they might not make otherwise. It’s something that can leave you open to opportunity, if you learn to spot these players. You’ll see them holding trash cards like 72o, or raising big time in an attempt to call your bluff. That’s something that all newbies do, but it doesn’t mean that things can’t work out to your advantage.

By the same token, don’t get so heated in a tournament that you end up making these dangerous mistakes. The more that you stray from good solid poker logic, the more likely it is that you’re going to make big mistakes. In a tournament, those mistakes can truly be deadly. Will you always be able to correct course? Sometimes you will able to, but other times you might not be able to. It’s better that you try to keep a tight lid on your emotions and focus on the bigger picture. That’s really all you can do.

If you’re participating in the tournament…good luck! If you can’t participate, then look for a freeroll to jump into so you can tear up the competition!