Getting Back On Track When Your Online Poker Game Has Gotten Dull

I remember the feeling when I first started playing poker, the first time I logged in at an online poker room – it was exciting, new, I couldn’t get enough. Each hand was like a new discovery and the more I played the more I wanted to play; everything was fresh and I loved getting into new situations and experimenting. Fast forward a few hundred thousand hands of Texas Hold’em and the feeling starts to wear off. Hands and situations that used to excite you have become commonplace, you’ve seen it all before right?

Worst of all as you start to get into autopilot and you start to lose more often, careless mistakes are made. Poker online is all about the small details, you need to concentrate, so what do you do if your poker game has gotten dull and mistakes are creeping in? The first thing you need to do is recognise you’re in a slump and choose to act in the best interests of your Texas Hold’em game.

Online PokerOne of the biggest mistakes you can make when in a slump is to move up to a higher limit to chase that feeling of excitement. While you’re browsing the lobby at an online poker room, no-one will show up and advise you to protect your bankroll, you need to take responsibility for your own actions. Chasing thrills at higher limits of poker online can be exciting, but a few bad beats and your bankroll will be in trouble.

Another large mistake beginners make is to play far too many hands. It’s understandable, poker online can feel a lot more exciting when you start to move beyond the best hands and start making moves with lower ranked hands. Unfortunately playing as many hands as possible is also a quick way to lose your money! You will not only have the worse hand more often but good players will notice you’re playing a lot and start to target you to try and take your money. So next time you pick up J7s playing Texas Hold’em… just throw it away!

With all that said, how can you get back on track when your online poker game is getting dull? One thing you might want to try is to look for a really good free online poker bonus. When you sign up at TitanPoker online, you will instantly receive a free bonus of $20. Why not turn this into a much larger bankroll simply by playing your normal game at your normal limits? As your bankroll increases so will your confidence and excitement playing poker.

Another great way to mix up your game is learning another form of poker. All poker games have elements in common so you won’t be starting from scratch but the new challenge can help rekindle your interest, inspiring you to try harder and do better. If you’ve always played Texas Hold’em why not try Pot-limit Omaha? There are many different ways to mix up your game at an online poker room, try out new things and get inspired.