Most Realistic Forms of Gambling to Become Professional in

Some people get into gambling with lofty expectations. Perhaps they see movies with professional gamblers or a news piece on someone who makes millions per year through gambling. Whilst this not impossible, it is far from the norm. Most gamblers play for fun or hope to make a little side income from it, no more. However, for those of you genuinely interested in pursuing gambling as a profession, this post will highlight the two most realistic forms this is possible at. So, whether you like to play at home or Malaysia online casino, you will be ready.

Sports Betting

If you are capable at recognising favourable odds and know some sports intimately, sports betting can be a realistic way of making money from gambling. There are plenty of professional sports bettors. They exploit any weaknesses they see from bookmakers and also take advantage of bonuses when possible.

The key to becoming a professional sports bettor is living and eating sports. You’ll need to understand the history of the sport and current events to identify when odds are worth your investment. It’s also worth knowing that professional sports bettor could also make money online. You could setup a tipster site, charge recurring fees to subscribers and make extra money via your website.


Whilst online poker is not the walk in the park it once was, it is still a profession for many. The awesome thing about online poker is that you’re playing to beat other opponents, not the house. The house only accounts for a small rake or 5-10% fee of tournaments. This makes poker a profitable venture if you have the required skills.

If online poker is not your bag, there’s also the opportunity to play casino poker. The games are always much softer in casinos as players are less patient and drink more, thereby making more errors.

If you are considering playing poker professionally, ensure you have at 12 months of profits and plenty of data behind you. Becoming a professional gambler is not something to get into lightly.