Play more than Poker – Check out these slot games online

Do you dream about being on TV, knocking out the top flight poker players at the final table? Most people dream about that moment where everyone will finally know what type of legendary poker player they’ve become. But did you know that in order to get there, you have to condition your mind in a certain way?


It’s true. We reached across the borders and asked our poker playing, trash talking (hey, we love you guys!) German player-friends and they reached the same conclusion. These guys go all in, and we’re not just talking about their style at the tables. It’s one thing to push all of your chips in, but are you mentally committed to the cause? That may not always be something that you want to think about, but the reality is that you have a long road to push through if you think you’re ready for the big time. They usually recommend something that sounds like, “automatenspiele online“, but we quick-translated that (thanks, first year university A1 class) to mean that we should play slot games online.

If the idea of “slot machines” make you think about Las Vegas in the 60s, you are missing out on a whole different universe of options. No, we’re not joking: the slot game has come a long way.

For example, did you know that you can play a lot of slots on your phone? There are plenty of games out there that are specifically designed to take advantage of your phone’s native resolution. This means that you’re not going to have to deal with a stretched out graphical interface just to play a few games.

Winning prizes is also a fun incentive to play more of these games. Many casinos will even enter you into contests automatically just because you signed up. You might not have to sign up just to test out the games available to you. If you’re playing from a smartphone, this is a great advantage for you. Why? You don’t have to worry if something goes wrong. Not only do you get great support, but you’ll be able to hit the ground running immediately.

Dealing with an empty weekend is never easy, because you start feeling pressured to fill your time with something. As we all know, however, not everything is designed to give you a great time. Play slot games and see if you can hit that progressive jackpot!