Top Secrets of Professional Online Poker Players

Amazingly, these days many professional poker players like Gus Hansen are making way more money playing online than at the tables. This is mostly due to the nature of online poker, allowing players to play several games at the same time and potentially 24/7. On top of this, many poker websites offer special rewarding systems to their players, like Full Tilt Poker’s Full Tilt Edge, allowing players to earn great monthly player rewards. In this way, even when the balance of the games at the poker tables is even, players can significantly increase their gains. Considering this, if you like poker and would like to start a career in the game, you should definitely consider playing online. Whether this is the case or you just want a few tips for your own poker hobby, read on for a few of the top secrets from professional online poker players.

Technology is your friend

One of the biggest differences between online poker and table poker is the proliferation of software assistants. Basically, these are sites or software where you can calculate odds, track the game, and get coached. There are tools that you can use during the game the game itself to help you make decisions, and there are other tools to use afterward to analyze your hands and review what you could have done better. Everyone is using them for online poker, so you should too.

poker3Do not ever make the call

Professional poker players universally acknowledge that calling a round of betting is recognized as a weak play that should be avoided at all costs. Raising the bet shows your strength, and folding is flat out admitting that you are out of the hand or cannot afford to go on. Of course, if you have established yourself as a strong, confident player, calling once in awhile could be a good bluff, or you can use it in absolutely necessary situations, like when you do not have the chips to raise, but think you should stay in the hand. But other than those very rare occasions, calling is never the answer.

Do not be predictable

Of course everyone develops their own strategy, and that is essential to becoming a successful poker player, but a component of that strategy must be a lack of predictability. As soon as others can read your strategy, can know how you are going to play when, then you have lost your ability to be a successful poker player, All great players play with a certain amount of randomness in their style – some even going so far as to let an outside factor influence some small decisions in their game.

Manage your money carefully

When you are playing for real money, it is important to keep an eye on your account at all times. If you are running low, play games with a lower limit, and save the high stakes for when you have more cash to spare. There is nothing more amateur than running out of money because you were not paying enough attention!

It takes a lot of practice to become a professional poker player, but these tips should help you out!