Top Tips for Playing Multi-Table Poker Online

The advent of online poker has completely revolutionised the way we play the game. Instead of being tethered to a casino or snooker hall, players can now opt to play at virtual poker rooms from within the comfort of their own homes. And it is not just the physical location of play that has changed; the online revolution has also made it possible, and increasingly popular, to play as many tables as you wish simultaneously, limited only by your reaction time and endurance. But how can you ensure multi-tabling success, and is there a limit to the number of tables you should play?

Amateurs beware

Multi-tabling is not for the fainthearted and as such, it should be reserved for those who feel entirely comfortable with the game and can cope with the pressure that inevitably arises from making difficult poker decisions. Multi-tabling can be overwhelming for seasoned poker players, so it is worth easing into the game gradually, brushing up on your single-table stats and strategic decision-making before progressing to multi-table tournaments.

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Take it slowly

If you are well versed in the art of poker and have some online experience, you may want to consider multi-tabling. Your earning potential will increase by virtue of playing multiple tables simultaneously and, once experienced in the multi-table balancing act, you can happily make a decent living even if you only play low-stakes games. The important thing to remember is to take things slowly; increase your tables one at a time and revert to a lower number if the pressure becomes too great.

Do not neglect table selection

Multi-tabling does not mean you should become complacent about table selection. If you are not happy with one of your tables, you should choose another, as sticking with an unsatisfactory table due to lack of time or concentration will inevitably jeopardise your efficiency and profitability.

Learn to prioritise difficult decisions

In order to become successful at multi-tabling, you must learn how to recognise those decisions that can be taken quickly and automatically, and those that require deeper thought. You will rarely have more than one or two difficult decisions to make simultaneously, so identifying and prioritising these decisions while taking easier ones on autopilot will help you to make the most of your time.

Know your limit

The potential gains of multi-tabling may sometimes cloud your judgement and make you forget that success at poker is contingent on concentration and strategic decision-making. If you find yourself playing all of your tables on autopilot, you should immediately reduce the number. The key is to identify and stick to your personal limit such that profitability is maximised without compromising your concentration or ability to make informed decisions.