Video Poker Play for All Seasons – Check it Out

Have you played video poker before? If you’re thinking of retro video poker machines seen in old Vegas movies, you’re in for a real treat. Video poker is online in many different forms. You can play for free, or you can play for real money. We know that some people think that playing for free is silly, but it can be a way to hone your strategic skills before real money is on the line.

So, why video poker?

There are a few reasons to explore video poker. For starters, it is very easy to play and has the same feel of a slot game. However, you have a lot of choice over what happens during the game. You can hold certain cards and let other cards go until you have a final hand that works for you. If you’re someone that prefers to play online but without a heavy crowd chatting away with you, video poker is your game. It’s done by yourself where you can just focus on the different mechanics of the game. Finally, video poker doesn’t have a huge advantage towards the house, which means that a skilled player can do quite well if they build the right strategy.

What video poker variety should you play?

We recommend Jacks or Better video poker. There are two different versions of Jacks or Better video poker: 9/6 and 8/5. We want to play 9/6 Jacks or Better, as it has a better payback percentage to the player. The house edge is only half of a percent, making this the game to play if you’re willing to build up your strategic processes a little bit.

To start building your strategy, you need to look at strategy charts. There are plenty of them online, and they usually have a list of hands. Start at the top of the list so you know what the best possible hand, and then go down until you find the hand that’s given to you in the game.

Keep in mind that in Jacks or Better video poker, the royal flush is the top hand to get. It’s also the most elusive, as you’ll only see it every 40,000 hands. The payout on a RF is huge, which means that you’ll be very happy if you hit it.

If you don’t get anything worth keeping on your first hand, you can get rid of everything and draw a new hand. But you’ll most likely get something on your first hand. You would just follow the strategy guide down and do what it tells you to do. This is where free play has the advantage, as there’s no pressure to win money so you can concentrate more on the battlefield. Some people get good at video poker, which lowers the house edge, but some people are terrible at it. This increases the house edge.

This is just a taste of how great video poker can be. We highly recommend playing around with Jacks or Better free play and getting a feel for things before you check out real money video poker play. But it won’t take long for you to memorize the basics of strategy and raise your chances of winning well. Good luck!