Beating Low Limit Poker Cash Games

Poker is always thought of as a game that involves a great deal of luck as it all has to do with what cards you have in your hand. This is true however there is also a certain amount of strategy involved in the game and if you are going to play you need to understand them otherwise you really only have a shot in the dark attempt at winning.

Each type of game incorporates a different strategy and as a low limit poker game involves lower stakes as the betting limit is actually fixed to a lower level than many other types of poker. The first tip to playing low limit poker is to be very aware and alert throughout the game as you may miss what your opponents are doing if you do not; a sure fire way to losing the game.

Many players will not be as focused as they are in games with higher stakes however money is money and you can take advantage of this if you pay attention. Secondly, set yourself a certain amount that you want to play with and lose if you have to, in the event you lose this money then step away from the game as you are putting yourself at financial risk if you do not.

Finally, make sure that you develop discipline as this will help you greatly throughout the game, in the event you are not doing well at a table or fancy your chance elsewhere then move on as staying and losing will not get you anywhere. For a more aggressive game that gets your blood pumping choose a six handed table as it is a little more exciting however if you are just starting out stick to a ten person table.