Slot Machine Myths

Gamblers, either serious pros or recreational players, can be superstitious when it comes to casino games. Everyone has their own ideas, tricks, and strategies that they have come to rely on. However, slot machines, just like other facets of life, can be filled with “urban legend-esque” misinformation. There are slot machine myths that some players still blindly believe in. Whether you are a new player to Online Slots or a veteran, here are some facts that you should know before you go spin those reels again on one of the sites listed on

Top 10 Slot Machine Myths

Myth #1 – If a player pulls the handle instead of pushing the spin button the machine will immediately give you a win.

This is simply not true. A slot machines payout is randomly generated by a computer, so it doesn’t matter if you pull the lever or pres a button. Your chances of winning are going to be the same.

Myth #2 – Slot machines that haven’t had a payout in awhile are due a win.

This is one that I use to fall for before finding out that it simply isn’t true. A slot machine has a Random Number Generator produces number completely at random to determine the results on the reels. This program ensures that a slot machine is just as likely to produce another win right after a big payout.

Myth #3 – If a player sits at a machine long enough and studies its results, they can figure out a pattern to the machine’s payouts and determine when it is likely to hit again.

Just like in the myth above, this is highly false. There is no pattern to the payouts due to the random number generator.

Myth #4 – The more coins a player puts in a slot machine increases their chances of winning.

The number of coins you place in a machine only affects the AMOUNT of your payout, not the odds of winning.

Myth #5 – A casino rigs their machines to give more payouts during the weekends.

Absolutely not true. A slot manufacturer sets the payout percentage of a particular game by placing a chip in it. The chip cannot be reprogrammed and changing it out requires notifying the Gaming Commission which can be a big hassle.

Myth # 6 – If a slot machine shows a near miss on the reels of hitting a jackpot, then a player is very close to actually hitting it and just needs to keep playing for a few more spins.

This is another myth. A player could end up sitting at that machine anywhere from one hour to one week and never hit that jackpot. The random number generator makes sure that each spin has no relation to the next spin.

Myth # 7 – If as player plays more than one slot machine at a time, their chances of winning are increased.

Not really. A player’s chances of winning on each machine are the same. A player’s odds of winning are not compounded to gain an edge. All this does is allow a player to go through their money quicker.

Myth # 8 – If a slot machine has just had a big payout, then you shouldn’t play it any more because it won’t be due another big payout for some time.

Absolutely false. A slot machine’s odds of winning will be exactly the same as they were before the big payout. It is entirely possible (and has actually happened) that another big payout will follow a previous win.

Myth#9 – Using a slot card will increase/decrease a player’s chances of winning.

I have heard of both versions of this myth and neither one are true. It doesn’t matter if you use a slot card or coins, your chances of winning are equal.

Myth #10 – By using hot or cold coins, a player can better their chances of winning.

Much like a craps player believes blowing on the dice will better their odds, some slots players think the temperature of the coins will affect their chances. This has no relevance on the machine’s results. The coin slot is mechanical so it doesn’t matter how hot or cold the coins are going to be.