Is Poker Always Competitive

Poker is something that leaves us with a lot to say, because the game has multiple layers. When you’re firs starting out, poker seems like this impossible game. How do people win? Why is it so competitive? Is it always competitive? We thought that poker had to be a battle but that was before we checked out the action at

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You need to understand that poker is always going to be a back and forth battle where you have to defend your chips, otherwise you lose them to another player. But every real poker player wants to improve their game, and give back to the community at large. This means that when you step into a new field, you could find players that are much more willing to help you than when you played in other rooms in the past.

The key to making it in the world of poker is not to take things personally. When real money is involved people get really protective. They want to grow their chips, rather than just seeing another player take them. You have to think about the other player’s mind and what they’re thinking about. This is why we also recommend that you don’t bring your whole bankroll at first. You don’t want to feel like you’re being backed into a corner. You have to push and think about what you’re trying to accomplish and how you want to get there. No poker player is an island; they have to reach out to the community in order to grow.

You might feel that you can’t really trust other players, but that shouldn’t be at the top of your mind. At, we found plenty of times where there were opportunities to just sit back and watch good players. We took a lot of notes our first night there, because there were really some phenomenal players that understood the subtle nuances of positioning.

If you’re going to play poker, commit to playing consistently and learning from your mistakes. This can take the hardcore competition angle out of it and make it something that you do with a community of people that are just as passionate about the game as you are!