What is the House Edge at a Casino?

No one goes into the casino planning to leave poorer. Whether you’re gaming at a brick and mortar casino or playing at an online casino in the UK, you’re going to the table because you want to win and go home with a nice big stack of cash.

To that end, it’s worth making sure that you’ve carefully considered what game you’re looking to play and what edge the house has on it. If you’re playing a game with a low house edge, then it’s looking pretty likely that you’ll make back the money you could lose on a poorly placed bet after a few games.

But it’ll be slow going as the pay out will be considerably lower. For contrast, if the house has a giant advantage and the odds of you winning are slim, then the pay out when you do win will be substantial indeed!

This is the balance you need to strike if you’re looking to make some money in the casino, between the house edge and the pay-out.

Want to find out more? Check out the graphic below from Betfair to give you a better idea what the edge and odds are for different games: